EVYP’s program model is committed to the long-term success of our youth. As such, our programs extend far beyond the high school years. For our youth that have successfully completed the High School Program and gone on to a university or community college, EVYP provides in-person and long distance support services. The College Program consists of five support components: stipend, academic, financial, personal, and professional support and resources.


Students enrolled in the College Program that meet the minimum requirements receive a stipend each semester of a varying amount that increases as they progress in their academic career.

Academic Support

EVYP ensures the academic success of our college students through proactive, ongoing outreach. Through these interactions EVYP helps provide students with the tools they need to be successful. This includes assistance in creating study schedules, coaching students in how to seek help from professors and university staff and assisting with making connections to other academic support resources on their campus.

Financial Literacy

To ensure our students’ success in college, EVYP provides comprehensive financial literacy trainings. In addition to providing an annual FAFSA workshop and ongoing scholarship search assistance, EVYP’s staff also works closely with students to develop their personal budgets.

Personal Support

For many of our students, the transition to college is difficult and they often lack the support system needed to overcome unique challenges. EVYP’s staff create a trusting, open and professional relationship with students in an effort to be a source of moral support and encouragement. Our staff also serves as a referral resource for social service support programs as needed.

Professional Development

EVYP works to assist our students with the transition from college to career. We focus on their professional development in a number of ways: resume creation and redesign; exploration of career fields of interest through informational interviews and onsite career panels, encouraging and helping coordinate informational interviews and facilitating connections in an effort to secure internships.

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