Nearly all of EVYP’s youth are first-generation college students. To ensure they build a supportive network, EVYP reaches out directly to our youth’s families to help make them aware of the importance of a college education and the need for early preparation in order to be successful. To achieve this, EVYP’s Family Support Program has three components: parent orientation, parent workshops and parent social events.

Parent Orientation

Each year, EVYP provides a parent orientation for the parents of high school youth. At this orientation parents receive information on the requirements of EVYP’s programs, the timeline for the year and information on any involvement that is needed from them at EVYP or home. The orientation is provided in English and Spanish.


Throughout the year, EVYP hosts workshops for our families. These workshops are designed to help support our youth’s academic and professional goals. Topics include FAFSA and general financing of college, the college application process, choosing the right college, how to support youth who have chosen out-of-state schools and other issues that become relevant throughout the year. If additional information is needed, parents are able to set up one to one meetings with program staff.

Social Events

At EVYP we have an open-door policy. Youth and their families can always come in for guidance, a quiet place to study, play games, and use our resources. We work to extend this to the parents. As such, EVYP hosts social events for our youth and their families.

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