The core of EVYP’s programming is dedicated to high school students. Broken into grade-level cohorts, 9-12th graders meet once a week after school at EVYP’s location in Avondale. Please see descriptions of our high school programs below:

EVYP Leadership Institute (9th and 10th grade)
The EVYP Leadership Institute (EVYPLI) nurtures youth voices and empowers them to advance justice in their communities through education, service projects and mentorship. EVYPLI serves as a first step for 9th and 10th grade members, preparing them to pursue post-secondary planning in later EVYP programming with confidence, self-understanding, and purpose.

Junior and Senior Year (11th and 12th grade)
Following EVYP’s Leadership Institute (EVYPLI), our youth, armed with skills in leadership, self-advocacy, community organizing, and critical thinking, begin the process of researching and applying to best fit post-secondary education options in our junior and senior year programs. 11th and 12th grade youth meet once weekly at EVYP’s location in Avondale and are provided step-by-step guidance through the college application and financial aid process as well as continue to build confidence in skills learned in EVYPLI.

College Bound Career-Exploration (ASM)
During the summer, EVYP offers a six week summer program through After School Matters that focuses on college and career exploration. Summer youth explore the city of Chicago, engage with different work environments, and meet professionals in different fields through field trips. They also participate in resume writing, cover letter writing, job search, and professionalism workshops. Our summer program is open to all Chicago youth. Youth can search for our program and apply through the ASM website.

To enroll in our high school program, please complete our EVYP Youth Member Application here.


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