The core of EVYP’s programming is dedicated to high school students. Broken into grade-level cohorts, 9-12th graders meet once a week after school at EVYP’s location in Avondale. The High School Program consists of four primary components; Academic Support, School Transition Preparation, Risk Prevention and Skill-Building, and Community Service.

Please complete the high school student application here.

Academic Support

EVYP is committed to ensuring the academic success of our high school students. To achieve this, EVYP staff provide after-school learning workshops that strengthen our students’ capabilities in various subjects with a special focus on reading and writing skills. Additionally, EVYP staff closely monitors our students’ grades and attendance. Students with additional needs can also access EVYP’s tutoring services.

School Transition Preparation

Transitioning in and out of high school can be a challenging time for our students. EVYP’s staff and volunteers work closely with students during these critical transitions to ensure their success. From incoming high school freshmen creating four year plans to seniors receiving ongoing support during the college application process, EVYP helps our students build the tools needed to make these important transitions.

Risk Prevention and Skill-Building

To provide our students with the tools needed to be successful young adults EVYP and our partners facilitate age-appropriate risk prevention workshops in areas such as health, sexuality, and substance abuse. Additionally, to ensure our students have developed well-rounded skills, workshops that address time management, good study habits, budgeting and personal finance, career planning, communication style and diversity are provided.

Community Service

EVYP gives students the opportunity to build important skills while making meaningful contributions to their communities. Through community service, our students learn to analyze needs, set goals, build teams, and plan and implement service projects.




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