EVYP strives to collaborate with the community; our outreach program is designed to share our college and career readiness services with schools and non-profit organizations in the community.

Informational Tables

EVYP attends community events and local school report card pick up days to provide college readiness information such as high school choice, applying to college, financial aid and other relevant topics.


Below are workshops that EVYP facilitates for school and community organizations. We run workshops for both students and parents in English and Spanish. We are always looking for other ways to share our services with the community and are open to suggestions and ideas.

For Middle School

Transition to High School
This workshop is designed to help middle school students transition into a college-bound high school path. Topics covered include what to expect in high school, how to plan for college during high school, and study skills and tips for high school success.

GoCPS High School Application Support
In collaboration with Kids First Chicago, EVYP staff is trained to deliver informative workshops on high school choice and the application process. Interested schools and organizations can request in-classroom workshops with youth or public workshops for youth and families at their sites.

For High School

College 101
This workshop is designed to help students at the beginning of their journey to college. Topics covered include: Why go to college?; Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s Degrees; Types of Colleges and Universities; Illinois Colleges; and Basic Financial Aid Information.

Choosing the Right College
This workshop is designed to help college-bound juniors develop a list of schools to apply to. Topics include an overview of different types of college; choosing safety, match, and reach schools based on academic data; and choosing a “best fit” college by exploring campus culture through visits and online research.

College Application Process
This workshop is an overview of the steps required to apply to college. Students will create a timeline of steps leading toward enrollment in college, from initial research all the way through comparing award letters and putting down a deposit.

Drop-in FAFSA Support
Schools and organizations can request a member of EVYP staff to visit their site to aid individuals in completing and submitting the FAFSA.

For more information or to request a workshop, please contact our Manager of Programs at (312) 275-0440 x3

One Comment on “OUTREACH

  1. It would be very helpful and great resource if your establishment can also help the parents of special education student from grade K – HS; as in what to expect the procedure how to find resources or even with the financial aid side of application process for those less fortunate. These families do not know where to begin who to seek for support or help.

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